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The following is a collection of things I would like to acquire associated with actually riding my bike:

  • RS-100 Rally Two Piece Rainsuit Yellow Rally Two Piece Rainsuit
    I have very effective rain suit from my early days of riding. Unfortunately, it's black. And I figure that in the rain is the time I most need to be seen. I have a day glow yellow riding jacket about which I have gotten numerous comments about how visible I am when wearing it. But as soon as it rains, the black rain suit goes on and my visibility disappears. (Actually, if it's raining before I get on the bike, I put the rain suit on first and then put on my day glow yellow riding jacket on the outside. However, if it starts raining while I'm riding (which hasn't happened yet (2007-12-06) I'll just slap the rain suit on the outside. 2009-06-01 It still hasn't happened, and I still don't have a yellor (or higher visibility rainsuit.) I want the Rally Two Piece Rainsuit in black and yellow .
  • FirstGear Mesh-Tex 2.0 Gloves or FirstGear Sedona Gloves FirstGear Mesh-Tex 2.0 Gloves
    I have a nice pair of summer weight riding gloves. However, they have a nice opening on the back which allows my to have funky tanned ovals on the back of my hands. I'd like something with a little more protection and a lot less sun exposure.
  • A pair of something like Chatterbox FRS Full Face Kit or perhaps something from AutocomChaterbox FRS Full Face Kit
    I would like to be able communicate with Robin, regardless if she's riding behind me or on her own bike. There are times when it would be useful to talk to the kids when they are riding with me.
  • A Garmin Zumo 550 Garmin Zumo 550
    The Garmin zumo 550 is built for motorcycles.
    • Glove-friendly touchscreen with left-handed controls makes it easy to operate
    • High brightness, sunlight-readable, UV-resistant display makes it easy to view your screen
    • Motorcycle console for trip information, including fuel gauge to warn you when it's time to fill up
    • Motorcycle mount with universal mounting hardware so you can mount it anywhere
    • Included motorcycle and automotive mount (with integrated speaker) for riding or driving
    • Custom caps available in a variety of colors to reflect your style
    • Vibration-tested, waterproof and built with fuel-resistant plastics to withstand the elements
  • Motorcycle Reflective Safety Tape - Black Sew-On
    Adding additional reflective tape to everything is a good idea. There are too many people who don't consider driving as a primary effort while they are in the car. They spend their time on the cell phone while fixing their hair (with the window open) and juggling their cofee and lunch. Driving is the last thing on their mind while they are cruising down the road at 15 mph over the posted limit. (Its not like I have an opinion or anything.)
  • Some of the books I would like on motorcycling include:

The links located here are strictly for examples and not intended as recommendations of the store as a place to purchase these things for me.