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Service Level Agreement

Rate: $50.00 per hour including travel time, should it be needed. (I reserve the right to charge less for any work that I do. I will not charge more than $50.00 per hour for normal work.)

Billing: Monthly for months in which there is work done. Invoices will be available on-line under the "Client Sites" and will be maintained as work is done. Other arrangements can be made if you'd rather not have the invoices published.

Service Level Agreement: 48 hour turn around on “web ready” alterations to existing web pages. Where additional pages need to be created, I’ll respond within the 48 hour window to provide an estimate of how long it will take to finish the pages. The is no charge for correcting errors that I make. The 48 hour response will not apply for the periods when I will be on vacation, for which I will provide 2 week notice. If I am available by computer during my vacation I reserve the right to charge $75 per hour for emergency responses.

Services Provided:
  • Domain Registration recommendation
  • Domain Technical Contact listing
  • Web Hosting recommendations
  • Web Site design
  • Web Site implementation
  • Web Site maintenance
  • Web Site backup - on and off -line. ($5 for a CD of the website sent with the monthly bill.)
  • Database Design and Development
  • Image Processing
    • Digital photography
    • Digitizing of existing images
    • Digital Photograph manipulation
  • Computer Support
    • Computer purchase recommendation
    • Computer installation
    • Computer support
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