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2005 Yamaha Star 650 Custom
2003 BMW R1200 CLC
(A Chromhead)
Short Local Ride
Christmas, 2007
January 11, 2008

Kindgom City to Engles BMW, Kansas City
(Non Direct avoiding I-70)
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From: W Prairieview Dr, Columbia, MO 65202 To: W Prairieview Dr, Columbia, MO 65202
Driving Distance: 71.7 miles Time: 1 hour, 36 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
9:00 AM0.0 1   Depart W Prairieview Dr, Columbia, MO 65202 on N Creasy Springs Rd (North) for 1.1 mi
9:02 AM1.1Turn RIGHT (East) onto (W) Brown School Rd for 1.5 mi
9:07 AM2.6Turn LEFT (North) onto SR-763 for 1.4 mi
9:09 AM4.0Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto US-63 for 27.2 mi towards US-63
9:37 AM31.2Keep RIGHT onto Ramp for 0.3 mi towards MO-M
9:38 AM31.5Turn LEFT (West) onto SR-M [E Urbandale Dr] for 98 yds
9:38 AM31.5Keep STRAIGHT to stay on SR-M [E Urbandale Dr] for 21 yds
9:38 AM31.5 2   At SR-M, stay on SR-M [E Urbandale Dr] (West) for 87 yds
9:38 AM31.6Take Ramp (LEFT) onto US-63 for 19.7 mi towards US-63 / Columbia
9:57 AM51.2Turn RIGHT (West) onto SR-124 for 4.2 mi
10:04 AM55.5Turn LEFT (South) onto Local road(s) for 87 yds
10:04 AM55.5 3   At Perche, return North on Local road(s) for 87 yds
10:05 AM55.6Turn LEFT (West) onto SR-124 for 2.4 mi
10:09 AM57.9Turn LEFT (South) onto SR-E for 4.4 mi
10:17 AM62.4 4   At 10171 SR-E, Harrisburg, MO 65256, stay on SR-E (South-East) for 6.4 mi
10:27 AM68.8Turn LEFT (North-East) onto W Wilcox Rd for 0.8 mi
10:29 AM69.6Turn RIGHT (South) onto N O'Neal Rd for 0.4 mi
10:31 AM70.0Turn LEFT (North) onto W Obermiller Rd for 0.2 mi
10:32 AM70.2 5   At 2043 W Obermiller Rd, Columbia, MO 65202, stay on W Obermiller Rd (East) for 0.9 mi
10:34 AM71.1Turn RIGHT (South) onto N Creasy Springs Rd for 0.6 mi
10:36 AM71.7 6   Arrive W Prairieview Dr, Columbia, MO 65202
Overview Map