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2005 Yamaha Star 650 Custom
2003 BMW R1200 CLC
(A Chromhead)
Short Local Ride
Christmas, 2007
January 11, 2008

Kindgom City to Engles BMW, Kansas City
(Non Direct avoiding I-70)
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BMW January 11, 2008
From: W Prairieview Dr, Columbia, MO 65202 To: W Prairieview Dr, Columbia, MO 65202
Driving Distance: 119.1 miles Time: 2 hours, 56 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
2:00 PM0.0 1   Depart W Prairieview Dr, Columbia, MO 65202 on N Creasy Springs Rd (South) for 1.5 mi
2:03 PM1.5At roundabout, take the THIRD exit onto I-70 Bus for 0.1 mi
2:03 PM1.6Take Ramp (LEFT) onto I-70 [US-40] for 5.2 mi towards I-70 / US-40
2:08 PM6.8At exit 131, turn RIGHT onto Ramp for 0.2 mi towards Lake of the Woods Road
2:08 PM7.0Turn LEFT (North) onto (E) St Charles Rd for 0.2 mi
2:09 PM7.2Turn RIGHT (East) onto Local road(s) for 0.2 mi*
2:10 PM7.3 2    Stop at the "Local Oposition" the Harley Davidson dealer to return an anti-fogging shield that didn't fit my helmet, return North-West on Local road(s) for 0.2 mi.
2:10 PM7.5Turn RIGHT (North) onto E St Charles Rd for 1.8 mi
2:15 PM9.3 3   At E St Charles Rd, stay on E St Charles Rd (East) for 1.1 mi
2:18 PM10.4Bear LEFT (North) onto SR-Z for 0.4 mi. This stretch of SR-Z is mostly flat and rolls through farm land with a posted speed limit of 55 mph. A pleasant ride, easy with many right angle right / left turns as the road jogs to the east.
2:19 PM10.8 4   At Shaw, stay on SR-Z (North) for 9.1 mi
2:33 PM19.9 5   At SR-Z, stay on SR-Z (East) for 8.5 mi
2:47 PM28.4Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-Z [S Jefferson St] for 0.9 mi
2:49 PM29.3Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-Z [N Jefferson St] for 43 yds
2:49 PM29.3Turn LEFT (West) onto (E) Singleton St for 0.3 mi
2:50 PM29.6Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-124 [W Singleton St] for 54 yds
2:51 PM29.7 6   At Centralia, return East on SR-124 [W Singleton St] for 54 yds
2:51 PM29.7Turn LEFT (North) onto SR-124 [N Allen St] for 0.5 mi
2:51 PM30.2Turn RIGHT (East) onto SR-22 [Hinman St] for 14.0 mi
3:10 PM44.2Turn RIGHT (South) onto SR-15 [SR-22] for 54 yds. SR-22 is a large(er) streight 60 mph (posted) road through mildly rolling country leading from Centralia to Mexico.
3:10 PM44.2 7   At Mexico, stay on SR-15 [SR-22] (South) for 0.8 mi Getting from SR-22 to US-54 requires navigating through downtown Mexico. (An intersting note: It's only 27 miles from Mexico to Paris - at least if you are in Missouri.)
3:11 PM45.1Turn RIGHT (South) onto US-54 Bus [SR-15] for 3.2 mi
3:16 PM48.3Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto US-54 for 20.8 mi towards US-54. US-54 is a 4 lane divide highway, (for the most part limited access) with a 70 mph. For the most part, this section of US-54 moves from the flat lands near Mexico to rolling hills by Fulton. While less interesting than the coming sections of the ride, it is exactly the type of training that I am going to need to get in shape for the trip to Newfoundland and the Ride the Rock rallye.
3:41 PM69.1Keep RIGHT onto Ramp for 0.2 mi towards MO-F / Fulton / Millersburg. Ah! Here's where the ride gets fun. The roads MO-F, SR-J and SR-Y are a great deal of fun. The roads wind up and down over the rolling hills while twisting back and forth. The posted speed is 55 mph. It can be ridden faster than that. I have ridden MO-F from Fulton to Columbia numerous times. I'm quite familar with the road and I'm getting to know when the turns are coming up.
3:41 PM69.3Turn RIGHT (West) onto SR-F [Martin Luther King Dr] for 0.2 mi
3:41 PM69.5 8   At SR-F, stay on SR-F [Martin Luther King Dr] (West) for 0.5 mi
3:42 PM70.0Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-F for 8.6 mi
3:56 PM78.6Turn LEFT (South) onto SR-J for 0.2 mi. SR-J I've only ridden on SR-J once before at least on a motorcycle. This is a new road for me and it really twists, turns and goes up and down and makes for a great ride.
3:57 PM78.7 9   At 4657 SR-J, Fulton, MO 65251, stay on SR-J (South) for 11.9 mi
4:16 PM90.6Turn RIGHT (West) onto SR-Y for 0.8 mi If I thought SR-J was fun, SR-Y was a blast! This road has some of the nicest turns and hills that I've found in Mid-Missouri. There's one place where there's a sign warning of a 40mph turn to the left, followed closely by a steep downhill grade sign, with a 20mph turn to the right - all within 50 feet of each other. SR-Y runs through several beautiful deep valleys. Unfortunately, by now, I'm getting uncomfortably cold.
4:17 PM91.5 10   At Guthrie, stay on SR-Y (West) for 8.3 mi
4:31 PM99.7Road name changes to SR-M [SR-Y] for 164 yds
4:31 PM99.8Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-M [E Broadway] for 0.2 mi
4:32 PM100.0 11   At Ashland, return East on SR-M [E Broadway] for 0.2 mi
4:32 PM100.2Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-M [SR-Y] for 164 yds
4:32 PM100.3Take Ramp (LEFT) onto US-63 for 13.3 mi towards US-63
4:48 PM113.6Keep RIGHT onto Ramp for 0.4 mi towards I-70 / US-40 / MO-PP / St Louis / Kansas City
4:49 PM114.0Keep STRAIGHT onto N US-63 for 0.2 mi
4:49 PM114.3Take Ramp (LEFT) onto I-70 [US-40] for 3.1 mi towards I-70 / US-40
4:52 PM117.4At exit 125, turn RIGHT onto Ramp for 0.2 mi towards West Blvd
4:52 PM117.6Keep RIGHT to stay on Ramp for 32 yds
4:52 PM117.6At roundabout, take the FIRST exit onto N Creasy Springs Rd for 1.5 mi
4:56 PM119.1 12   Arrive W Prairieview Dr, Columbia, MO 65202
*The 2005 version of Microsoft Streets and Trips is missing some of the roads on which I road on this trip.
Overview Map